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Second album by McKisko.
Follow up to 2009's Glorio.


released October 11, 2013

Made by Helen Franzmann and Kurt Read in Woolloongabba with a little help from Paddy Mann, Andrew McLellan and Adrian Mauro.
Cover photo by Audrey Lam.
El Nino El Nino Records.




McKisko Brisbane, Australia

McKisko can just as easily lift your spirits as she can shatter your heart, but that bitter tingling feeling you experience by the end is as stupefying as it is necessary.

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Track Name: A Little Light
A whistle to the left
warning to run
came to pull a thrill but I don’t have the strength or skill
you have knowing eyes it’s why you look so sad
I’ll not close the door I want to watch as you walk away
something’s telling me I’ll be dreaming tonight
of that perfect place between fancy and broken
and something tells me there is a light
that will on as you walk down the stairs
something tells me what you’re saying is true
but I can’t see anything past you
and I don’t mean to be what you don’t understand
but it seems I am
there’s an amphitheater in my chest come please and fill
oh to the world that lets me be here right now
oh to the world that lets me be here right now
oh to the world that lets me be here right now.
Track Name: Good Grief
Do you hear the wicked voices, they come for me at night.
Hang in the air above my body, holding back the light.
And when you're waking, do you feel you've fought a battle deep.
Cast your sorrow, find your holy peace where you breathe.
Oh my little self, she hovers by the door.
Smiles a pretty smile, it's me that she adores.
And if I kick her she won't faulter, a thread it still remains.
She smacks her lips, jumps on my back.
A firm hold on the reins.
Track Name: Turning Curving
How could you’ve known with a loss you’d grow as you pulled the bloody knives from your back alive alive but you’d lost your drive you sat and pulled the bloody knives from your back holding on but the drive was gone so you lay it down the one thing sure and is ever more is the turn of the curve of the ground the ground it did turn the earth it did tear the somewhere within I found you there and we did survive those animal smells the depths of our lives go further still with the turn of the curve of the ground.
Track Name: I stepped out and to the side
Take my aching body down down take my aching body down to the garden gate there my true love waits will I find my way back in will I find my way back in I’ll make a way with him I’ll make a way with him earth is wet beneath my shoes sorry rain it fuels my blues my true love came not for me my true love came not for me will I find my way back in will I find my way back in I won’t if not with him I won’t if not with him.
Track Name: Dirt Story Howl
There’s want in the quiet it’s big and slow and the world leans in with a smug hello I’m always here while somewhere else my body an ache I can calmly wait for the wolf within for a certain fate I fell asleep listing groceries then a forward motion a forward motion she was in sheep’s clothing she was in sheep’s clothing
I woke up a simple girl a mother child a life uncurling wild in my eyes forgotten stirrings a sky above a sky of curtains what stands behind what lays there dying what’s held within what lays there dying.
Track Name: Trolling
Gonna climb climb to the top of the tower climb the whole night long just because your sweet doesn’t mean you taste so gonna climb until you’re gone gonna close my eyes and count to three when will you away if you’re not climbing to the clouds with me this will have to be good day gonna dance gonna dance to the end of the road gonna dance until I drop when I hold a lover’s heart I move much too slow got to give these hands the chop so don’t pull your fancy moves on me I’m inclined to trip but if you’d like to sway in sympathy it may be a perfect fit.
Track Name: K. Henry sings
Outside outside a quiet night inside inside a different kind I see your body sway in time to its solitary hymn and the dogs can’t get in how they’d like to feast on you but you’re already eaten through so hold you’re radar hands up now don’t chop them chop them shake it out and when it comes that time again just let go to the yearning below where to weep is a song and you know I’ll sing along and all your little time is spent in little folds and little bends until you find your head behind your knees and you cannot move the company your keeping leaves me thinking you are sleeping but your body knows what your mind does not just let go just let go just let go a body a bible a saviour how and there with the moon you just sit for now a body a bible a saviour how and there with the moon you just sit for now.
Track Name: Oh Oh Oh
Oh oh oh and beyond the feeling is deep the feeling is strong hold hold hold what you know hold it for two and hold it for so we we we can be part of the glorious chaos that litters our path and I’ll say say no goodbye wrap all your tears in your laden sighs oh what the night can hold when all is forgiven and the air is cold and we roam from the streets we know and touch on the waters that roar below and oh oh oh what can be heard when I lay on my back and hear for the birds there’s a promise in their song nothing in this could ever be wrong you drive without knowing how you came to be here gathering bones the water it pulls you but you will not be bruised your body it flails but it always clings to you in those heavy heavy boots oh those heavy heavy boots come now here you’ve held through your day to this twilight hour there’s warmth in your face and the floorboard shrieks beneath our embrace now go to sleep and I’ll stay awake.